Franciscan withdraw from St. Mary’s

It is with heavy hearts that the Franciscan Friars withdraw from St. Mary’s Basilica. Stay with us throughout the year as we celebrate our Franciscan legacy. In the words of Pope Francis, “Let the Church always be a place of mercy and hope, where everyone is welcomed, loved and forgiven.” May that be our promise to each other in the coming year.

The Diocese of Phoenix released a statement below regarding the friars leaving St. Mary’s Basilica.

4 Comments on “Franciscan withdraw from St. Mary’s

  1. This is heart braking. Nothing makes is ok. Many of us call St. Marys home. Many if us found our way back to Christ because on they way the Fathers at St. Marys.

  2. It breaks my heart that the Franciscan’s have left St. Mary’s. All of the students that graduated from St. Mary’s grammar and high school, cannot even relate that their Franciscan’s friars are gone. Unbelievable!!!! No parish priest can even hold a candle to the belief system and humbleness that the Franciscan’s exude to their parishioners and students at St. Mary’s. I am a 1964 graduate and my child is a 1988 grad. Fr. Albert Braun is rolling in his grave, on this outcome. Wow, SAD and UNBELIEVABLE.

  3. My mother graduated from St. Mary’s (1949). Later, I was baptized there. I graduated in 1970 with some of the best memories. My daughter was baptized by Fr. Juan Leon (Spanish teacher for 3 years). When I hear of the tales some have from Back East on strick rules and treatment, I have to speak up, for we had such a different experience with our down to earth Franciscan Friars. They remain always in our hearts.

  4. Without doubt, I know that the Franciscans mirror the love of Jesus Christ,our One High Priest,Lord,and Savior.

    as a young man, I served as altar boy to many Franciscans and I was familiar with the OFM’s; CONV’s; TOR’s & SA’s in the New York area.
    My early academic education took place through the Vincentians and eventually, I affiliated with Lutherans as a pastor.

    Richest Blessings Fond Memories

    Ed Ambrose,Phoenix,AZ

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