Reverence for Life

A Consistent Ethic of Life

Local, national and world events and Church teachings direct our attention to life itself as the very center of our concern.Ā  The consistent ethic of life provides both a solid foundation and a powerful challenge to live as faithful disciples and involved citizens.Ā  It calls into question all views that contradict the message and meaning of Jesus.Ā  It challenges us to reject the culture of death.Ā  It challenges us to create a culture of life every day, at home, at work and in society.Ā  How?Ā  The way we vote, the jokes we tell, the language we use, the attitudes we hand on to children, the causes we support, the business practices we use, the entertainment we attend, the way we care for the sick and elderly:Ā  in all these ordinary activities we express consistency in reverencing life.Ā  Join us in supporting a variety of Reverence for Life Projects from Care of Creation to Respect for Life.

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