Sacrament of MarriageMarriage is the center of Catholic family life and the vocation through which most people live out their baptismal commitment. Cultural influences today can work against personal development for healthy Christian marriage and a lifetime commitment. On some level, society expects marriages to fail, but the Catholic Church wants yours to succeed. The Canon Law of the Catholic Church calls every diocese and Church to prepare couples as well as possible for entering and living out the sacrament of marriage.¬† Therefore, the Basilica will provide you with the spiritual resources and practical tools you’ll need for a strong and healthy marriage, not only as newlyweds, but for a lifetime.

Steps to a Rewarding
Marriage Preparation Experience…

For an overview of the marriage preparation process required for all Catholic Churches
in the Diocese of Phoenix please download the following brochure:  Our Covenant of Love

For the specific¬†preparation process, guidelines, and policies for St. Mary’s Basilica
please download the following packet: Wedding Policy 2017

For an overview on the Sacrament of Marriage itself
please download the following handout:  Sacrament of Marriage

For More Information

Marriage Preparation Coordinator / Nullity Minister
Jolina Santa Maria
Phone:  602-354-2063
Email:  [email protected]